Omnisports PurePlay

  • High performance for multi-sport facilities
  • Player protection (P2-compliant, EN 14904)
  • Exceptional indentation resistance and recovery due to a 3 layer composite SSC
  • Boasts extra durability and cost-effective maintenance.
  • Phthalate-free technology with very low TVOCs <10µg/m3.

Omnisports PurePlay (9.4mm) is the latest cushioned vinyl sports surface innovation from Tarkett. Available in 33 colours and P2 compliant under the EN 14904 standard, Omnisport PurePlay offers >35% shock absorption, extreme protection, optimal safety, comfort and sports performance.
Resistant to indentation and rolling load, Omnisport PurePlay is suitable for high-performance multi-sports use (such as handball, basketball and volleyball), making it the ideal choice for schools, universities, gyms and leisure centres.
Treated with our trademarked TopClean XP™ PUR reinforced surface treatment, Omnisports PurePlay boasts extra durability and cost-effective maintenance.
Now synonymous with Tarkett, Omnisport PurePlay uses Phthalate-free technology and boasts very low TVOCs


  1. Adequate balance of friction and grip
    Specific engineered surface embossing
  2. Very high resistance to scratches and easy
    TopCLEAN XPTM treatment
  3. 3 Exceptional resistance to wear:
    Pure transparent vinyl wear layer
  4. Dynamic colours and realistic decors:
    High definition printing for a perfect wood
    surface appearance and built-in unis for higher
    colour intensity
  5. Superior dimensional stability (<0.10%):
    Unwoven glass fibre
  6. High resistance to indentation and tearing:
    Solid homogeneous calendered sheet made of
    recycled vinyl
  7. Comfort, safety and sound reduction:
    High-density closed-cell foam with engineered
    honeycomb backing

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CE Marking Array
Product type ISO Array
Format Type Array
Total thickness 9.40 mm
Wear layer thickness Array
Total weight 5700 g/m²
Installation method Array
Reaction to fire (EN 13501-1) Array
Reaction to fire on fibrecement substrate (EN 13501-1) Cfl-s1
Drum sound class (EN 16205) Array
Residual indentation Array
Thermal resistance (in m².K/W) 0.14
Phthalate content Array
TVOC emissions after 28 days (ISO 16000-9) Array