iD Mixonomi

  • 7 fully combinable formats & 3 mini-shapes for an all over look
  • 33 vivid colours
  • Endless layouts possibilities
  • Ideal for high traffic areas
  • Resistant to scuffs, scratches and stains
  • Easy to clean and maintain

“The art of mixing”. Created for Architects and Designers, iD Mixonomi is a new Modular Vinyl Tiles flooring collection. It introduces a fully customizable concept with 10 shapes and 33 colours to play with. iD Mixonomi pushes the boundaries of design and allows Architects and Designers to express their creativity and shape unique customer experiences through flooring. In April 2017, iD Mixonomi was honoured with the Red Dot Award: Product Design.

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CE Marking EN 14041
Product type ISO Heterogeneous poly(vinyl chloride) floor coverings (ISO 10582)
Domestic classification (ISO 10874) 23 Heavy
Commercial classification (ISO 10874) 34 Very Heavy
Industrial classification (ISO 10874) 43 Heavy
Total weight 3950 g/m²
Total thickness 2.50 mm
Wear layer thickness 0.70 mm
Surface treatment TopClean XP
Installation method Glue-Down
Impact sound reduction (ISO 717-2) - ∆Lw 2 dB
Professional warranty (in years) 10 years
Drum sound class (EN 16205) Class C (≤ 85 dB)
Electrical resistance (EN 1081) R > 109 Ohms
Electrostatical propensity (EN 1815) ≤ 2 kV
Slip resistance (EN 13893) DS class (µ ≥ 0.30)
Castor chair effect (ISO 4918) No damage
Furniture leg effect (ISO 16581) No damage
Chemical resistance (ISO 26987) Not affected (0)
Underfloor heating Yes (maximum 27°C)
Curl resultant to heat (ISO 23999) 2 mm
Dimensional stability 0.10 %
Phthalate content Phthalate-free (except recycled content)
TVOC emissions after 28 days (ISO 16000-9) Platinum (≤ 10 µg / m³)