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Oak LIME STONE 1 Strip

Segno - Oak LIME STONE 1 Strip

The heritage of the herringbone layout dates back to the ancient Romans, who used it when building their famously robust road networks.

Decorative wood parquet floors evolved years later with all manner of intricate patterns and layouts.

Today we can still enjoy many different decorative flooring options using the new Segno collection to create truly remarkable floor finishes. In order to realise these individual layouts we supply the Segno parquet boards in both ‘left’ and ‘right’ formats.

With different combinations, you can play with the light in the room as it catches the wood grain at different angles.. Download the new 'Recipe Book' for full information on different design suggestions with full material requirements.

Key features
Technical and environmental specifications
Surface treatment: Hardwax Oil
Real Wood: Yes
Total thickness: 11 mm
Wear layer thickness: 3.50 mm
Total weight: 7.2 kg/m²
Plank (2 ref.)
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Technical and environmental specifications
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