English Oak BROWN - Parquet
Inspiration by Tarkett - LVT

Inspiration Classics - English Oak BROWN - Parquet

Simply Beautiful Floors, specially chosen to appeal to our interior style aspirations, whether you prefer the classic appeal of oak effect planks, the versatility of herringbone or cool stone tile patterns.

All of our Inspiration Classics flooring options feature our unique Tektanium™ super matt surface for the most natural looking

and hard wearing, easy maintenance surface.

Explore our collection today and embrace the experience of

Simply Beautiful Floors.

Key features
Technical and environmental specifications
Product type: Heterogeneous poly(vinyl chloride) floor coverings (ISO 10582)
Domestic classification: 23 Heavy
Commercial classification: 33 Heavy
Industrial classification: 42 General
UKCA Certified: Yes
Plank (1 ref.)

Carbon footprint (Cradle to gate)

 7.71 kg CO2/m2

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Technical and environmental specifications
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